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Exp 07/31/2015
Company that specializes in Urine Odor Removal Naturally 
Apr 30, 2014 at 5:07 AM
Name: Ann xx
Email address:x@gmail.com

Message:We received our drape yesterday. It is unbelievable that you actually did get the urine smell out. Other products and services claim they will remove odor, but you deliver. The urine was so bad that the drape was stiff. 

 The drape was returned to us soft and odor free.. There was no change in the length or color. 

Thanks again pet pee pee. I am so glad that I found you. on the net. Please do not post my personal information of full name, email or phone number except for living in Tavares.

Professional, that Only specialize in Urine Odor Removal, From: ​Oriental rug, Draperies, Antique Carpet. 
After you had tried all the cleaning products in the market, and even a professional carpet cleaner cannot remove the Urine odor.   

PetPeePee system had revolutionaries the carpet cleaning industry, by inventing a New machine  & cleaning process, (its not a Steam Cleaning or a Dry Cleaning)  Odor free cleaner from the Dead Sea.

All of this to eliminate permanently the urine odor Naturally. 

Upon Delivery​ “Place your nose” where ever you'd like on the cleaned Oriental rug, Drapery, or Pillow! 

Guaranteed it's Clean, and NO traces of: Urine odor, Enzyme, Deodorizer, or Chemical smell.

PetPeePee is the last resort before the dumpster. Do it right or do it again.
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 Meir Martin: Inventor of PetPeePee system, the Natural cleaning products The Dead Sea Minerals, and the name PetPeePee Pet Pee Pee is TM. 
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Mr. Meir Martin, Owner's of PetPeePee System.  

Warehouse Address: 1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069 
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The members of Angie’s List reviewed PetPeePee nationwide for Rug & Draperies urine odor cleaning Service as A-rating.
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PetPeePee Service?
We challenge the toughest and Strongest Cats or Dogs urine odor removal on the Drapery, 
Oriental rug,
 And we can prove it!
PetPeePee service is strictly  urine odor removal and we guaranteed it by 100% total urine odor removal.
PetPeePee servicing, the member of Angie’s List, in the State of, Alabama.
PetPeePee service to remove dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rug and Drapery servicing the state of Alabama.
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Providing Nationwide Cleaning Service. Since: 1991
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Cleaning Silk Drapery from Urine odor Naturally.
See the Smartest way, to clean, Oriental rug from urine odor and Dirt.
Copy from Angie's List Category: Oriental rug Cleaning/PetPeePee.

Review Date: June 04, 2015
Member: Dan Fan---
19 Conklin Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12590

Category: Oriental Rug Cleaning
Services Performed: Yes
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Work Completed Date: June 01, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $---. 00

Description Of Work: Martin did a superb, first - rate job on my needlepoint carpet. It had a large area with urine stains, and he was able to get out the The smell 100%.

 I didn't think it was possible, but Martin did it. | |Also, his communications were perfect, and the speed in which he did the work and sent the rug back were admirable.

 I cannot recommend Martin and his rug cleaning service enough.

 If any of you have a rug with urine stains and urine smell, this is the only place to send your carpet. A+++++

Company Response: Thank you for your review.
Martin PetPeePee Organic urine odor removal
Overall                          A
Price                             A
Quality                          A
Responsiveness            A
Punctuality                    A
Professionalism             A
Overall                     A
Price                        B
Quality                     A
Responsiveness      A
Punctuality              A
Professionalism       A
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