After you had tried all the cleaning products in the market, and even a professional carpet cleaner cannot remove the Urine odor, from Oriental rug or Drapery.  

PetPeePee system had revolutionaries the carpet cleaning industry, by inventing a New Vacuum Floor Machine (MDM) & cleaning process, (That is not Contains Enzyme, Deodorizer or a Dry Cleaner) Odor free organic cleaner from the Dead Sea, is our Formulated to remove the Urine Odor.

All of this to eliminate permanently the urine odor naturally. 

Upon Delivery. We are so sure to remove the urine odor completely, that we ask our customer.  

“Place your nose” where ever you'd like on the cleaned, Oriental rug, Drapery, or Pillow! 

Guaranteed its Clean, and NO traces of: Urine odor, Enzyme, Deodorizer, or Chemical smell.

PetPeePee is the last resort before the dumpster. 
We Do it right!
Cleaning and removing dog or cat urine odor from deep inside the pillow this is a job the PetPeePee system specialize in. PetPeePee develop odor free cleaning product from the Dead Sea to remove the urine odor from deep inside any type of pillow.
Since 1991 PetPeePee company provides essential assistance to pet owners.

This service includes cleaning and eliminates urine odor, by getting rid of the pet stains.
In the operation of taking out the urine odor, we cleanse the item from dirt and filth, yet the main reason pet owner looking for a service from, PetPeePee company is the total urine odor removal.

By using the Dead Sea cleaner, that is free from: deodorizer, soap, detergent, enzyme, and other chemicals, the Dead Sea minerals are organic and odor free, this cleaner makes PetPeePee is a green company.

The vacuum floor machine, that invented by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of PetPeePee, change the way how Oriental rug, area rug, antique Oriental rug, and a Persian carpet should be clean.

The novel way to clean an Oriental rug is through the rug, this method will ensure the urine smell will be purged out from the summit all the way to the rear end of the carpet.
Not like the other carpet cleaner that’s used a scrubber, that brush the rug on the top back and forth, and by using high-pressure and roller, to constrict the water out of the carpet, the roller cause damage (150lb rolling and squeezing the rug will make it cut in the inception of the rug) the Scrubber will open the wool traded and cause fuzziness.

PetPeePee revolutionized the way how Oriental rug should be exonerated, we never touched the rug in the wet cleaning process, this will ensure shiny clean rug, and odor free from chemicals, because the Dead Sea minerals are odor free.

PetPeePee service, Serious Business for Serious Problems
PetPeePee Company, NationWide Service for: 
Urine Odor Removal 
It's Easy To ShipDrapery, Oriental rug, Furniture, to PetPeePee Warehouse.
Simply Text the picture to 954-594-2564
We will Text you back Pricing & shipping info.

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Cleaning custom-made silk drapery from cat urine odor
Why Choose PetPeePee Company Our Standard Cleaning Process
Is already Guaranteed 100% Urine odor removal!

PetPeePee Company, A Professional Service, that Only specialize in Cleaning and Removing Urine Odor, From: ​
Oriental rug, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpet, Needlepoint, Rug, Furniture & more. 
it Is Easy to Ship Drapery, Oriental rug Or Pillow to PetPeePee.
PetPeePee Establish 1991
PetPeePee Logo Pooky PetPeePee establish 1991
 100% Guarantee Urine Odor Removal! 
from: Oriental rug, Drapery, Furniture & Silk Fiber. 
Nationwide Service

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 Meir Martin: Inventor of PetPeePee system, the Natural cleaning products The Dead Sea Minerals, and the name PetPeePee Pet Pee Pee is TM. 
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Mr. Meir Martin, Owner's of PetPeePee System.  

Warehouse Address: 1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069 
PetPeePee Statement 
We challenge our customer upon delivery; Smell the Pillow, Rug, Drapery (put your nose). We guarantee clean and no trace of URINE ODOR! 
Contact PetPeePee service for Oriental rug Drapery information

Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee deliver Oriental rug
PetPeePee truck for Pick up and Delivery Of Furniture
PetPeePee cleaning Drapery from Cat dog urine odor.
PetPeePee nationwide service for cleaning Oriental rug Drapery and Furniture from Urine odor .
The revolutionary way to clean Oriental rug "Through" the rug
Cleaning pillow from Cat urine odor by PetPeePee service.

Cleaning the furniture from dust and soil, it’s easy.

Removing cat urine smell from down feather pillow, it’s a challenge.

PetPeePee develop and make the vacuum floor machine, and using the odor free cleaner found in the Dead Sea.
The combination of two of them, would ensure unsurpassed result, the urine odor would be disappearing completely and permanently.

In the process to remove the urine odor the pillow will be clean from, dust and soil, however the main reasons customer came to PetPeePee service is the guarantee urine odor removal, the benefit of using the PetPeePee, accept the urine odor removal, is the organic cleaning process that will leave the pillow free from: chemical, soap, deodorizer, and enzyme that leaves a sticky residue or unpleasant smell.

PetPeePee result its simple, clean and outrace of any scent. 

So if you are in the United States and you have 1 or 2 pillows that’s need to be clean from cat urine odor, simply text us the picture to 954-594-2564 and we will text you back all the shipping and pricing information.
Please watch the video how we do that’s.