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PetPeePee Natural urine odor removal, now in Angie's List serving Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach for Pick-up and delivery.
Visit Meir Martin the owner's and the inventor of PetPeePee system in
PetPeePee service to remove urine odor end stains. Visit YouTube/PetPeePee
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Why Choose PetPeePee Service?
We challenge the toughest and Strongest Cats or Dogs urine odor removal on the Drapery, Oriental rug,
 And we can prove it!
The Advantages of the Professional, that Only specialize in Urine Odor Removal,

Oriental rug, custom made Draperies and Furniture.

Providing Nationwide Cleaning Service. Since: 1991
 After you had tried all the cleaning products in the market, and even a professional carpet cleaner cannot remove the Urine odor. 


PetPeePee is the last resort before the dumpster.

PetPeePee system had revolutionaries the carpet cleaning industry, by inventing a New cleaning process, machinery and Organic Odor free cleaner from the Dead Sea.

All of this to eliminate permanently the urine odor Naturally, Guarantee. 

Upon Delivery​ “Place your nose” where ever you'd like on the cleaned Oriental rug, Drapery, or Pillow! 

Guaranteed it's Clean, and NO traces of: Urine odor, Enzyme, Deodorizer, or Chemical smell.
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 Meir Martin: Inventor of PetPeePee system, the Natural cleaning products The Dead Sea Minerals, and the name PetPeePee Pet Pee Pee is TM. 
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Mr. Meir Martin, Owner's of PetPeePee System.  

Warehouse Address: 1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069 
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The Most Disaster Drapery urine odor and Stains Removal. See Before and After.
Boca Raton, Florida
The members of Angie’s List reviewed PetPeePee nationwide for Rug & Draperies urine odor cleaning Service as A-rating.